How to verify the product? 

STEP 1 : Scratch off the silver surface and obtain the 20-digit security code.
STEP 2 : Enter the 20-digit security code into below search section. (4 sets of 5 digits)
STEP 3 : Press submit and the result will show on the screen. 
Search Section

How to Read the Result 

Result A:【Here verify the code is valid. Thank you for the verification.】
You bought an authentic product. 

Result B:【The code is not valid, please verify it carefully, be careful of counterfeiting.】
You entered an invalid code or bought a counterfeit product.

Result C:【Here verify the code is valid. Thank you for the verification.Warning! The code was checked at 20xx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx. Please do not check codes repeatedly, thank you for your cooperation!】
Someone may have replicated the code and try to cheat consumers.   

2020 HP Hologram Anti-counterfeit Label Identification
Simulation of the label

label explaination

[BEFORE 2019] Anti-counterfeit Lable

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