Jacopo Pasotti

Nature Photographer

Fuji X-E1
Fujifilm 18-55mm
PNY SDXC Elite Performance

quoteFind a location, a place, a village, a town, a valley or a coast community that you want to investigate, document, or get inspired about and get there. Stay there for some time, do not rush to other places. Allow the people to get (half-) used to your presence. Return to the same spot, the same shop, the same square, the same bridge, once they will start interacting with you, dare to ask. Ask them to take beyond, to show the other side, you may end up getting unesxpected views, angles, stories to catch with your camera."

Jacopo Pasotti is both a world-class photographer and journalist in his own right. After having studied earth sciences and performed research with various organisations around the world, he now carries out photographic expeditions and writes for publications including National Geographic and Vanity Fair. In 2012, Pasotti's endevours included travelling to one of the coldest and harshest locations on the planet, namely Antarctica, followed by an expedition to Ecuador, in the hearth of the Amazon in an extremely wet and hot environment. It's just the opposite of antarctica, which is the coldest and driest (in some places) region in the world! In such a variety of demanding locations, Pasotti was accompanied by PNY Flash cards capturing footage and images, and an Nvidia® Quadro® 4000 graphics solution by PNY, making sure his hardware can cope with editing the footage he brings back.
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