Alexandre Sattler

Artistic Photographer

Nikon D850
24-70 mm
PNY SD Elite Performance

quoteA photo makes me feel like I am a silent witness of our evolving societies. I try to take a real look at the reality of the world, a world that is changing so quickly."

Travel and cultural immersion occupy a primordial place in the photographs produced by photographer and author Alexandre Sattler. Born in 1980, Alexandre grew up in the Vosges Mountains. His thirst for discovery took him to Africa at the age of just 20. He then returned to France to finish his studies as a mountain and nature guide, before setting off on his travels again as quickly as possible.
In 2004 he founded the Regard'Ailleurs association (, which aims to promote biodiversity, the cultural differences between peoples, and social responsibility actions which are respectful of humanity and of the environment. The association includes a number of people who are passionate about images and who enjoy using their skills in the service of solidarity.
During his many voyages, Alexandre has always striven to share his experiences by means of photography, video documentaries and radio broadcasts.
He has published a number of works on the theme of the environment, solidarity, spirituality and education - one of his preferred subjects.
Today, Alexandre works for a variety of NGOs and regularly publishes reportages in the press.
These images are also disseminated by the BIOS Photo agency and Photononstop. Discover his photographic work on

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