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The warranty Terms of Service applies only to products purchased from PNY Technologies Asia Pacific Limited channel sales. During the warranty period and failure under normal use, PNY will provide repair or replace service. The shipping freight principle of one trip, customer need paid single freight. the overseas regions outside Taiwan, customer need to paid all shipping freight.

PNY warranty terms provided for the following cases, does not apply to:
   1. This warranty does not apply to product failure caused by accidents, abuse, mishandling, improper installation, 
       alteration, acts of nature, improper usage, and problems with electrical power. In addition, opening or tempering 
       with the product casing, or any physical damage, abuse or alteration to the product's surface, including all warranty.
   2. PNY products must be used with devices that conform to recommended industry standards. PNY will not be liable for
       damages resulting from a third party device that causes the PNY product to fail. PNY shall in no event be liable for any
       consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, lost profits, lost business investments, lost goodwill, or interference with
       business relationships as a result of lost data.
   3. PNY is also not responsible for damage or failure of any third party equipment, even if PNY has been advised of the
       possibility. This is limitation does not apply to the extent that is illegal or unenforceable under applicable below.
   4. Warranty label or serial number of the product appear fuzzy situations such as broken or missing.  
   5. Regarding to the accessories of product that we do not provide repair and replacement service.
   6. PNY is not responsible for recovering any data lost due to the failure of All product. 
  1. In no event shall, if PNY products used for any equipment and to caused direct, indirect, incidental, consequential
      losses and damages, PNY is not be liable any law and any compensation.
  2. PNY does not recommend applying the products in life support systems or other equipment which may lead to
      personal injury or death if such equipment are defective or have a breakdown, including but not limited to medical 
      or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster 
      prevention systems, combustion control system and nuclear energy system. PNY shall not be liable for any personal
      injury or death or any loss or damages to property arising from such kind of application.
  3. Product during the warranty period, PNY will inspect the product and decide whether to repair or to replace it.
      PNY reserve the right to provide a function al equivalent product, or a refurbishment product.
  4. Within the warranty period, PNY only provide to repair and check service that is not included data recovery and back up,
      PNY not be liable any damages or loss of data in the product. please back up or remove your data before your
      send it to us for repair.
 Duration of Warranty
Product warranty period, please refer to the description on the official website or description on the package. 

Additional Note of Hard disk products:   (Does not accept status, photos)
    - PNY decided to which remedy or combination of remedies and should be have a reasonable time that to do repair
      or replace. On the limited warranty that PNY will be provide new or serviceable used parts for repair.
    - When we receiving, if the hard disk to incorrect packaging or open the product housing, including screws loose, missing,
      as well as change the hard disk internal parts or damage that will not be applicable to the product warranty policy.
      The detail please refer "Technical Support" page of Hard disk product packaging note.
    - Our warranties do not cover data loss – back up the contents of your drive to a separate storage medium on a regular basis.
      Also, consequential damages; incidental damages; and costs related to data recovery, removal and installation are not
      recoverable under our warranties.
    - The limited warranty period that based on the product purchased that where state regulations. Unless otherwise required
      by law. If it is determined that the product is made from non-authorized sales pipeline or the theft or the alleged flaws
      products that a) is not present  b) cannot reasonably be rectified because of damage occurring before the PNY receives
      the product or c) is attributable to misuse, improper installation, alteration that including removing or obliterating labels
      and opening or removing external enclosures, or accident or mishandling. Above status PNY does not bear any
      responsibility of the products.
Product repair with charge (Reference photos)

 1. For all out of warranty products, if still need to repair that need to check the feasibility first. The repair service charge that will confirm with user before repair

  2. Out of warranty and paid repair of products provide a 30 day limited warranty.

  3. If out of warranty of product that whether to accept the right to pay to repair or replacement or repair all by PNY decide.


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