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PNY Technologies Asia Pacific Limited (PNY Asia) provide a limited warranty services for PNY Asia products with original end-user. The products must bought from an authorized agent or authorized distributor. In all other Asian countries, please contact your local distributor or dealer to arrange a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”).
Warranty Period
Regarding to the product warranty period, please refer to the instructions on the package, or the product overview on the PNY Asia website. During the warranty period, product failure under normal use, PNY Asia will provide repair or replace service after confirmed. If the product has been End-of-life (EOL), we will arrange replace it by similar or superior specifications.
For the out of warranty products, PNY Asia may refuse to provide warranty service. If PNY Asia allows the products repair, the consumer is responsible for all repair costs. This will include replacement part, test, labor, freight and taxes. All pricing is in USD or NTD. The warranty period is thirty (30) days from the repaired.
For the (OEM) product, the RMA is follows condition of the original sale order with PNY Asia.
Lifetime warranty
Product lifetime warranty is defined provide free warranty service until to the model end-of-life (EOL). The warranty support may last a one year after product discontinued. For the EOL product, we will remove the model information at product page on PNY Asia website.
* In USA and Canada region, all product warranty declaration based on the PNY USA website (
* In Europe region, all product warranty declaration based on the PNY Europe website (
If product is not production by PNY Asia, please contact the shop of purchase or the cooperative partner manufacturer directly for warranty service. The product warranty is not assignable; products purchased via secondhand sources are not under warranty by PNY Asia. If you did not the original sales receipt, then the warranty based on the product production date. PNY Asia not provide warranty service for product damage, broken, open product label or open the product housing, etc., or open the product housing and it's not authorized by PNY Asia, those all will lose the warranty. PNY Asia product warranty not include product accessory parts.
This warranty does not apply to product failure caused by accidents, abuse, mishandling, improper installation, alterations, acts of nature, improper usage, and problems with electrical power. In addition, opening or tempering with the product casing, or any physical damage, abuse or alteration to the product's surface, including all warranty. PNY products must be use with devices that conform to recommended industry standards. PNY shall not event be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, lost profits, lost business investments, lost goodwill, or interference with business relationships as result of lost data. PNY is also not responsible for damage or failure of any third party equipment, even if has been advised of the possibility.
Product failure can result in loss, deletion, corruption or alteration of data (date loss). PNY is NOT liable for data loss in connection with the product, regardless of the cause. We highly recommend that you maintain a verified back up of all data on the product as a safeguard against data loss.
PNY Asia does not provide service under circumstances other than previously mentioned in the warranty policy, nor carry any other implicit, explicit, or subsidiary obligation in the warranty policy. Please refer to, and only to, the warranty policy for PNY Asia service obligation. The above warranty terms are unique and all. It's will replace the warranty terms supersedes any other promise in oral or written form.
PNY Asia may access the data and information stored in the PNY product ( "consumer Information") and may be aware of the content thereof during the process of performing this warranty service. PNY Asia hereby agrees that PNY Asia will not disclose any consumer Information to any third parties without your prior written consent, except PNY Asia's employees who need to access the consumer Information for the purpose of providing this warranty service with the product.
Warranty Claim Procedures and Requirements
For end-user, Warranty coverage requires proof of purchase documentation evidencing the date of purchase (sales receipt or invoice) and original packaging. All Asian countries, please contact your local All Asian countries please contact your local authorized agent or authorized distributor to arrange a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”). If didn't authorized agent or authorized distributor in your local, please contact us at or visit us at
For Asian authorized agent, Please fill in a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) online at to get a RMA number for return. Once you have obtained an RMA number from PNY, you most send the RMA goods to PNY within thirty (30) days. You are responsible for one-way shipping costs. When shipping from outside the Taiwan this will include freight, duty, customs fees and taxes. All pricing is in USD. RMA goods shipped to PNY Asia must be properly package to prevent damage in transit. The PNY RMA number must be prominently display on the outside of the package. If you send your product to PNY Asia without the RMA number prominently displayed on the outside of the package, then can returned to you unopened.
Free Technical Support
If you have trouble for use of PNY product, you could contacted PNY Technical Support directly by calling or email:
Service support:
Phone: +886-800-012-358
Service support:
Technical support:
United States and Canada
Technical support:
Phone: +1-800-234-4597
For warranty and product information visit PNY Asia website at The PNY logo is a trademark of PNY Technologies, Inc., Other trademarks owned by their respective companies.
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