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Company Info.

PNY Technologies Asia Pacific Limited 

  PNY is a global technology leader within the consumer electronics market. Established in 1985 New York, PNY has almost 30 years of business experience serving consumers, system integrators, OEMs, and B2Bs. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, PNY maintains 20 company locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

PNY's portfolio includes a broad assortment of USB Flash Drives, Flash Memory Cards, Power Banks, HDMI® Cables, Mobile Accessories, Headphones & Speakers, Solid State Drives, Memory Upgrades, NVIDIA® Graphics Cards, and HP Accessories. PNY is a globally recognized brand, with products in major retailers, etailers, and distribution channels in over 50 countries worldwide. 


Key Product Offerings
PNY has distinct product lines for a wide variety of technology end-users: Photography, Mobility, Gaming and System Builders. Whether you are an aspiring or professional photographer, executive on the go or a ringtone fanatic; casual or hardcore gamer; or a systems designer looking for the latest graphics upgrade, PNY has the cutting edge solution designed for your needs.

Flash Media
PNY markets a broad line of quality Flash Media products to meet the needs of all types of users - from aspiring and professional photographers to mobile professionals and media enthusiasts. PNY's SecureDigital™ and CompactFlash™ are available in industry leading sizes and speeds to capture award winning photos and lots of High-Definition video. PNY's MicroSD cards make an ideal upgrade for Mobile users looking to get more features, such as music, images, videos, and games out of their cell phone or smart phone device.

Memory Upgrades
PNY memory upgrade products for desktop and notebook PCs are found in major electronics and office product superstores around the world, as well as on the web on major online computer component retailers. PNY memory upgrade modules are compatible with Apple, Compaq, DELL, Gateway, HP, IBM and more than 5000 different types of desktop and notebook systems. Easy to install and guaranteed 100 percent compatible, PNY is recognized as a single source of supply for quality memory products globally.

GeForce Graphics Cards
PNY offers a comprehensive line of GeForce Graphics Cards powered by cutting-edge, NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology, marketed under the XLR8, Verto, and PNY brands. With multiple PCIe, AGP and PCI compatible cards, PNY’s broad product line provides an ideal graphics card solution for amateurs to enthusiasts.

NVIDIA® Quadro® by PNY
Professional graphics boards deliver the productivity you demand by providing industry leading performance, stability and features for any 2D/3D professional PC or workstation application. From immersive VizSim environments, film and television production or broadcast, to digital content creation or 3D CAD, NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY enhances your competitive advantage by providing photorealistic real-time rendering for OpenGL and DirectX applications – shortening time to market and improving quality. The NVIDIA Quadro NVS by PNY 2D product line is the ideal choice for mission-critical business applications ranging from call centers to financial services or trader workstations. NVIDIA Quadro hardware and drivers allow IT to centrally administer thousands of distributed users, enable flexible multi-display management, and provide the broadest list of certified applications – all of which lower TCO.

NVIDIA® Quadro® Plex
Visual computing system (VCS) is designed to interface with industry-standard workstations and servers to deliver advanced visual computing scalability for the most demanding professional applications. Quadro Plex delivers a quantum leap in visual compute density, enabling breakthrough levels of productivity and capability. Professionals ranging from manufacturing designers and stylists to biotech or earth scientists to digital content creators can solve their most complex, graphics-intensive problems using an unconstrained dedicated visual computing system based on proven, industry standard architectures.


Manufacturing & Locations

PNY is an ISO 9001-registered company, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey maintaining manufacturing facilities and/or sales offices in North America (Santa Clara and Orange County, Calif., Miami, Fla. and Parsippany, N.J.), Europe (Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom,) Asia (Taiwan
and China) Latin America and Canada . Potential future expansion plans include Australia and India in the
coming years.


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