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  • 15.07.2020
    Product News

    Style Meets Quality and Performance in HP x770w USB 3.1 Flash Drive

    Delivering up to 400MB/s of transfer speed, which equates to 10x faster rate than the typical 2.0 flash drives, the HP x770w is available in capacities ranging from 32GB and up to 1TB providing enough storage for all needs today whether in school or home office as well as large files handled by the video industry and others.

  • 07.07.2020
    Product News

    PNY launches XLR8 RGB DDR4 Desktop Gaming Memory

    The XLR8 Gaming RGB line provides a dynamic experience for gamers, modders and enthusiasts alike combining RGB customization with overclocking capability, XRL8 RGB DRAM uses selected aluminum alloy heat spreader with state of the art surface finish technique and design, create the extraordinary look and feel.

  • 15.06.2020
    Product News

    PNY launches HP x780w USB 3.1 Flash Drive

    The HP x780w gives you the storage, performance and power you need to store, back-up, transfer or share your favorite pictures, videos or music and to secure your private data. It is ideal for students of all ages, traveling professionals and everyone who has a need to share a file or a photo with friends and colleagues.

  • 05.04.2019
    Product News

    PNY releases CS2060 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD with excellect performance up to 1600MB/s read speed

    The PNY CS2060 is an excellent choice for experiencing next generation extreme performance. The CS2060 drive is designed for editing 4K multimedia files or seeking out an edge over high performance gaming, the CS2060 offers a perfect solution.

  • 02.04.2019
    Product News

    PNY release CS2040 M.2 2280 SATA-III SSD provides users more choices to upgrade PC system

    The PNY CS2040 M.2 2280 SATA-III (6 Gb/s) solid-state drive (SSD) is the value performance line of PNY SSDs. It is an excellent choice for an entry-level upgrade from a hard disk drive (HDD).

  • 18.03.2019
    Product News

    PNY release 1TB PRO Elite USB 3.0 USB Flash Drive

    Providing massive 1TB capacity, the newest PNY PRO Elite USB Drive is an outstanding choice for demanding storage needs and performance. Combining top capacity, a gunmetal plated design and delivering impressive transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s read and 250MB/s write.

  • 11.12.2018
    Product News

    Updates on HP memory card warranty

    We are here to annouce that we provide 2 year limited warranty for all HP memory cards brought after January, 1, 2019.

  • 28.06.2017
    Product News

    PNY’s XLR8 Gaming Series will hit the Asian market in the 2nd half of 2017

    PNY Technologies (PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and flash memory products, is ready to take on the gaming industry by storm with the launch of the Gaming Series to Asia market. The PNY Gaming Series offers best-in-class PC components to deliver gaming performance ranging from affordable to the most intense for die-hard gamers. Scheduled to be released in the 2nd half of 2017, the product categories will include gaming grade graphics cards, SSDs, and PC memory products that promise to deliver the competitive edge advantage in PC gaming.

  • 28.05.2017
    Product News

    PNY releases on-the-go ELITE Portable SSD

    PNY Technologies (PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and flash memory products, has launched one of the smallest, pocket-sized design SSD product to enter the global tech market, the ELITE Portable Solid State Drive (SSD). The ELITE Portable SSD drive is faster, more reliable and much more efficient than normal hard drives (HDD) available in the market. It transfers and stores large files quickly with incredible read speeds up to 430MB/s and write speeds up to 400MB/s, so you can boot up almost instantly, reduce load times, and accelerate demanding applications with ease.

  • 14.11.2016
    Product News

    PNY launches metallic body HP v232w USB 2.0 Flash Drive

    With high-quality metal outer casing and a slim, streamlined outline, HP v232w USB 2.0 flash drive is a pocket-sized pen drive, which can store massive amount of personal data, movies, images, music in its 64GB memory space, while comfortably fitting inside your back pocket or wallet.

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