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USB Type-C
The new generation product line.
For Audio/Video Streaming, Data Sync, Networking, Power Delivery, Remote Control application.
Solid State Drives
PNY SSDs are the next generation in storage technology that offer faster load times, reduced failure rates, greater durability, and less power consumption - resulting in lower total cost of ownership over traditional hard disk drives.
Flash Memory Cards
PNY has the memory for your digital camera, camcorder or mobile device to capture and store images, video and music. Whether you’re an amateur, enthusiast or professional, PNY’s lineup includes Secure Digital™, xD and MicroSD cards to meet your speed and capacity requirements.
USB Flash Drives
PNY USB Flash Drives provide the ultimate mobile storage solution for people on the go by allowing you to store and transport images, movies, pictures, games, documents, and more.
Mobile Accessories
No matter what your device of choice is PNY has the solution for you. Whether it’s connecting your smartphone or tablet to an HDTV, or keeping your electronics fully charged while in the car. PNY has all your mobile connection solutions.
Power Bank
Never worry about losing power for your mobile device while you’re on the move. PNY’s Power Bank are rechargeable battery banks designed to provide you power wherever or whenever you need it for any USB powered device.
Memory Upgrades
Today's software applications make greater demands on your system's memory. Take full advantage of your software's productivity enhancements by upgrading your memory.
Plug in and experience premium audio. Built with high quality components to deliver a broad dynamic range at safe listening levels.
HP Authorized Products
PNY is a proud business partner of HP. HP accessories offer the perfect complement to the already robust portfolio of PNY products providing solutions for consumer, small business and industry needs.

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